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Success Can Be Yours


As you share your passion for cooking, learning and preparedness in comfortable home settings, you'll experience the fulfillment of teaching other how to be self-reliant. While there is no shortage of direct sales companies, never has there been an opportunity to sell such a practical product as essential to life as THRIVE foods.


With the great taste and extensive shelf life of THRIVE foods, the high quality and usefulness of its food rotation systems, and the powerful online tools and support material, Thrive Life makes it easy to succeed as a consultant!



Thrive Life has created multiple opportunities for it's consultants to make money:


Party Commissions


Earn 10% commission on all on-time sales. You'll make 20% - 32% commission for those you set up on the Q (our awesome monthly shipment program). You'll also receive host benefits (free & half off) when you're the host of your own event.


Recurring Commissions


One of the greatest parts about being a consultant is getting a 5% reoccurring commission check monthly! Monthly commission checks for life!


Team Commissions


Enroll others to join your team as consultants and earn $50 for each new enrollment. As your team grows, you will also receive commissions from all of your consultants' events, sales and Q signups for up to 3 levels below you.



Build a team and earn:

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