More color. More Flavor.

More Nutrients. More WOW!

Compare a tomato you’ve just plucked off the vine in your garden to a tomato you get from the grocery store in the winter months.  The flavor! No comparison, right?  Unfortunately, taste is not the only thing lacking in the store tomato. Nutrients! Produce starts losing nutrients soon after being harvested.

Don’t be sad.

We have a solution.

A tasty, beautiful, nutritious solution.

It's what we call the Nutrilock Difference.

Thrive partners with farmers who make quality food their passion!



We harvest our produce at its nutritional peak! Not before. Not after. 

We flash freeze our produce within hours of being picked, typically right on the farm!



Our freeze dry process gently removes moisture and locks in nutrients, so your food stays naturally preserved instead of decaying on the shelf.

Our Nutrilock Promise keeps our food fresh as the day it was harvested, so you never have to chase expiration dates.



    Vitamins and nutrients are locked in, so your food stays fresh.


    Flavorful berries, peaches, and bell peppers as ripe as the day they were picked.


    No mold or slimy mushrooms. Freeze dried food stays fresh without preservatives!


    No more washing, peeling, chopping, thawing..the list goes on. Bye, bye prep time.


    Maybe we'll coin that. No more letting your food (and $) go to waste.

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Vitamin B2